Order Prints - HenWin Photo Services

If you are interested in ordering prints, you cannot do it through this web site.

You must get in touch with me using the contact form (see the top-menu).  I will get in touch with you via email and we will discuss your needs.

Why am I doing it this way?  I want control over the printing process to assure that you get the best that can be offered.  You will get a print that is printed on my printer and it's top quality pigment-based inks, which can last over 100 years.  The length of time the print can last is based upon the type of ink and paper used.  I use printing paper that does not have optical brighteners in it, which are chemical in nature and can fade over time.  No brighteners = no fading.  If I allowed orders from the web site, then I would have no control over the quality of the printed image and you might become dissatisfied over time.

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